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Thomas Gabriel Newman (1833-1903) was an 19th-century publisher and author of periodicals and books on beekeeping.

Obituary from The Annals of Iowa (1903):

THOMAS G. NEWMAN was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1833; he died in San Francisco, Cal., March 10,1903. He learned the printing business before he left the old country, serving an apprenticeship of seven years. On September 1, 1870, he started The Cedar Rapids Observer, the first daily in Linn county. In 1872 he sold out to a stock company known to the present time as The Republican Printing Company. He remained a year with his successors, when he removed to Chicago, where he published The American Bee Journal until 1896. In that year he removed to California, where he published The Philosophical Journal until a few months ago when failing health obliged him to retire from business. "He was a thoroughbred Englishman to the core; was up to every nicety in the printing business from composing room to binding inclusive, chock full of vim and energy." Thus wrote one of his Iowa contemporaries who knew him well.[1]