Slumgum is a term used in beekeeping. Slumgum is the residue of the beeswax rendering process. When the beeswax from brood comb is melted it contains not only wax but also the pupal lining, pollen and other residual debris. Less slumgum can be expected from rendering of cappings or honey comb.

In the rendering process, the slumgum is separated from clean wax. Slumgum is slightly heavier than wax and sticks to the bottom of the wax cake. It is brown to black in color, and burns readily. Melted slumgum can be poured over pine cones to make fire starters.

Lumps of slumgum are very attractive to bees, especially when heated by the sun. They can be used to attract bee swarms. Slumgum is also called "bee bread" or "pain d'abeilles" or "Pastura" in Romanian. It considered to be medicinally valuable by some practitioners of apitherapy. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).
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