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The Australian honeybee industry produces honey and other bee products for domestic consumption and export, through apiculture using the European honeybee, Apis mellifera.

Australia produces around 30,000 tonnes of honey, or better, each year. New South Wales is the largest producer and the Northern Territory the smallest.

25-30% of total annual production is exported.

As of 2007 the industry had an estimated gross value of production of A$80 million. whilst the annual benefit of the apiculture industry to general agriculture through plant pollination is estimated to range from $4 to 6 billion.

Commercial Beekeeping[]

The commercial beekeeping industry in Australia comprises a relatively small number of professional beekeepers who earn most of their income from beekeeping and a larger number people who keep bees for profit but who do not depend solely on beekeeping for their livelihood. (For example less than 4% of registered beekeepers in New South Wales own more than 40% of the states’ hives.)