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The Bee-keepers' Magazine was An Illustrated Monthly, Devoted Exclusively to Bee Culture published from 1872 to 1889. Editors included Homer A. King, Prof. A. Wood, Ellen S. Tupper, and M. E. Williams. It was issued out of Chicago and New York, and published by H. A. King & Company of New York. Although associated with the Bee-keepers' Journal, this publication was intentionally issued in magazine form rather than in the newspaper style used by the Journal.

Mrs. Tupper served as an associate editor from its beginnings until she purchased the National Bee Journal in November 1873.

Volume 10, issue 1 of January 1882 lists A. J. King & Co. of New York as publishers with Albert J. King as editor. Issue 5 of May introduced O. P. Keith of Brooklyn and the magazine's publishers as thenceforth King, Keith & Co. Two separate mentions of a need of additional capital were made in the associated article.

Volume 11, issue 1 of January 1883 lists King, Keith & Co. of New York with Albert J. King as editor. They announced a new title of Bee and Poultry Magazine; the change only affected volume 11. The May issue announced the dissolution of King, Keith & Co. with O. P. Keith leaving business responsibilities to King, and returning to the restaurant business. John Aspinwell purchased an interest in the magazine which will now be published by King & Aspinwall. The August (vol.8) issue announced that King and Aspinwall had purchased the Bee-keepers' Exchange magazine from Colgrove & Ullery, and planned to fulfill outstanding subscriptions with their own Bee and Poultry Magazine.

Volume 12, issue 1 of January 1884 lists King & Aspinwall of New York - apparently A. J. King, who was addressed by a reader's letter

Volume 13, issue 1 of January 1885 lists King, Aspinwall & Treadwell of New York

Page3 of its last issue (Vol. 17, Iss. 1) in January 1889 announced sale of the Magazine to Messrs. J. B. Mason & Son of the Bee-keepers' Advance, Mechanic Falls, ME. The editor and proprietor had been John Aspinwall of Barrytown, NY.

Same status for Vols. 16, Vol. 14 has editors and proprietors, Aspinwall & Treadwell of New York in issue 1 where they announced plans of moving publication to their factory in Barrytown as of March.

Same owners for vol. 15. Issue 3 of March 1887 lists Bee-keepers' Advance as a new monthly by supply dealers, Messrs. J. B. Mason & Son, Mechanic Falls, ME.

November issue of 1887 announced dissolution of Aspinwall & Treadwell, discontinuance of their supply dealership so Aspinwell can focus on the magazine alone. This marked the departure of Wm. B. Treadwell.

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