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Apiology (from Greek: api, "bee"; and λόγος, logos, "knowledge") is the scientific study of honey bees, a branch of melittology. Bees are often chosen as a study group to answer questions on the evolution of social systems. Members of this group demonstrate life histories ranging from completely solitary to highly eusocial. mommy

List of notable Apiologists[]

  • Jan Dzierzon, (1811-1906), Discovered parthenogenesis among bees, proposed first sex determining mechanism for any species
  • Karl von Frisch, (1886-1982), Nobel Prize winner, studied honeybee communication
  • L. L. Langstroth, (1810-1895), Revolutionized American beekeeping
  • Robert E. Page, Jr., Studies populaton genetics and the evolution of complex social behavior at Arizona State University
  • Thomas D. Seeley, Studies group organization using the honeybee as a model system at Cornell University
  • Mark Winston, Studies pheromones of honeybees and their pests at Simon Fraser University