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The American Bee Journal was founded as a monthly periodical in 1861 by its editor, Samuel Wagner. It was discontinued during the American Civil War, and later resumed in 1866 with Wagner serving as both publisher and editor in Washington, DC. The Journal has been published continuously since that time, as so has the honor of being the oldest extant English language beekeeping publication. Dadant and Sons currently publishes the American Bee Journal for subscribers throughout the world. Readership is generalized across hobby and commercial beekeepers, bee supply dealers, queen breeders, package-bee shippers, honey packers, and entomologists.


  • Samuel Wagner from beginning to his death in February 1872 (used job printer, A. M. Spangler & Co. of Philadelphia during 1861).
  • George S. Wagner and L. L. Langstroth through 1872.
  • Vol.8 no.1 July 1872 "edited and published by Samuel Wagner", most articles by L.L.L.
  • Vol. 8, no. 7, January 1873 edited and published by W. F. Clarke in Chicago. George issued note of departure, and indicated he had participated in the January editing process.departure note An Salutory note from Clarke indicated G. Wagner would continue to submit translations of German bee culture publications, as had his father.
  • Rev. W. Fletcher Clarke of Guelph, Ontario - offices moved from Washington to Chicago, then proprietorship and management transfered to American Publishing Company as of January 1874 with Clarke maintaining sole editorship until the addition of Mrs. E. S. Tupper, and the transfer of its publication to Cedar Rapids in September 1874.
  • National Bee Journal was consolidated with ABJ in 1874.[1]
  • Publication was transfered back to Chicago in July 1875.
  • In August 1875, Thomas G. Newman identified himself as publisher, and confirmed Mrs. Tupper's continued role as one of its editors.


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