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Affleck, Thomas. (1841). Bee-breeding in the West E. Lucas, Cincinnati: 1841. Toată cartea. PDF 3.548 Kb.
Affleck, Thomas. (1841). Bee-breeding in the West E. Lucas, Cincinnati: 1841. Libro Total. PDF 3.548 Kb.
Alley, Henry. (1883). The beekeeper's handy book, or, Twenty-two years' experience in queen-rearing, containing the only scientific and practical method of rearing queen bees, and the latest and best methods for the general management of the apiary. Henry Alley, Wenham, Mass.:1883. Primera Parte. PDF 563 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 7.503 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 9.970 Kb.
Alley, Henry. (1891). Thirty years among the bees; the result of a quarter-century experience in ... Salem Press, Salem, Mass.: 1891. Primera Parte. Indice. PDF 563 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 7503 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 9.970 Kb.
Benton, Frank. (1899). The honey bee; a manual of instruction in apiculture. G.P.O., Washington: 1899. Primera Parte. PDF 9981 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 6653 Kb. Libro Total. 30 Mb.
Bevan, Edward. (1827). The honey bee, its natural history, physiology, and management. Primera Parte. PDF 3.112 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 5.008 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 4.103 Kb. Cuarta Parte. PDF 6.622 Kb. Van Voorst, London: 1827. Libro Total. PDF 50 Mb.
Charles Butler. (1609). The Feminine Monarchie, or a treatise concerning bees and the Dve Ordering of them. Libro Total. PDF 17.296 Kb. Butler, Charles Published: Oxford; Joseph Barnes, 1609 Description: 238 pp.
Cook, Albert John. (1876). Manual of the apiary. PDF 5.804 Kb. W. S. George & Co., Lansing, Mich.: 1876
Cowan, T. W. (1881). British bee-keeper's guide book to the management of bees in moveable comb hives and the use of the extractor. Houlston, London : 1881. Libro total. PDF 11.691 Kb.
Cowan, T. W. (1890). The honey bee; its natural history, anatomy, and physiology. Houlston, London: 1890. Libro total. PDF 12.132 kb. Dividido en dos partes: Primera Parte. PDF 5.500 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 6.499 Kb.
Doolittle, Gilbert M. (1889). Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied; being a method by which the best of queen-bees are. T. G. Newman, Chicago: 1889. Primera Parte. PDF 6.268 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 8.920 Kb.
William Dunbar. (1840). The natural history of bees: comprehending the uses and economical management of the British and foreign honey-bee: together with the known wild species: illustrated by thirty-six plates coloured from nature, with portrait and memoir of Huber. Primera Parte PDF 8.577 Kb. Segunda Parte PDF 10.109 Kb. W. H. Lizars ; Edinburgh: 1840.
William Dunbar. (1859). Entomology. Bees. Comprehending the uses and economical management of the honey-bee of Britain and other countries, together with the descriptions of the known wild species. Libro Total. PDF 38.915 Kb.
Dzierzon, Jan. (1882). Dzierzon's rational bee-keeping, or, The theory and practice of Dr. Dzierzon Houlston & sons, London: 1882. Primera Parte PDF 580 Kb. Segunda Parte PDF 2.094 Kb. Tercera Parte PDF 5.526 Kb. Cuarta Parte PDF 9.942 Kb. Quinta Parte PDF 3.360 Kb.
John Stewart Harbison. (1861). The bee-keeper's directory, or, The theory and practice of bee culture, in all its departments, the result of eighteen years personal study of their habits and instincts. Libro Total PDF 55 Mb. H. H. Bancroft and Co., San Francisco: 1861.
Harbison, W. C. (1860). Bees and bee-keeping: a plain, practical work; resulting from years of experience and close observation in extensive apiaries, both in Pennsylvania and California. With directions how to make bee-keeping a desirable and lucrative business, and for shipping bees to California. New York, C. M. Saxton, Barker & co., 1860. Primera Parte. PDF 8.210 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 7.985 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 4.890 Kb. Libro Total PDF 16.724 kb
James Heddon. (1885). Success in bee-culture as practiced and advised. Libro Total. PDF 13.627 Kb. Times print, Dowagiac, Mich.: 1885.
Huber, François. (1806). New observations on the natural history of bees. Printed for J. Anderson ; Edinburgh: 1806. Primera Parte. PDF 6511 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 7.981 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 7.538 Kb.
Huber, François. (1841). Observations on the natural history of bees. Libro Total PDF 15.467 Kb. London, Printed for T. Tegg.
Kidder, K. P. (1858). Kidder's guide to apiarian science, being a practical treatise, in every department of bee culture and bee management; embracing the natural history of the bee, the ... S. B. Nichols; Burlington, Vt.: 1858. -
King, N. H. King, N. H. & H. A. (1864). The bee-keeper's text-book with alphabetical index, being a complete reference book on all practical subjects connected with the culture of the honey bee in both common and movable-comb hives, giving minute directions for the management of bees in every month of the year, and illustrating the nucleus system of swarming and Italian queen rearing. Libro Total PDF 7.959 Kb. Cleveland. Viets & Savage. 1864.
Langstroth, L. L. (1853). Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee; a bee keeper's manual. Hopkins, Bridgman, Northampton: 1853. Primera Parte PDF 1.747 Kb. Segunda Parte PDF 6.707 Kb. Tercera Parte PDF 13.934 Kb. Cuarta Parte PDF 11.491 Kb. Dividimos el libro para que no resulte demasiado pesado.
Langstroth, Lorenzo Lorraine. (1863). A practical treatise on the hive and honey-bee, 1863. Esta Edición es 10 años posterior al anterior libro, pudiéndose ver el progreso. Primera Parte. PDF 8.363 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 10.187 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 7.861 Kb. Cuarta Parte. PDF 8.943 Kb.
Miner, T. B. (1850). The American bee keeper's manual; being a practical treatise on the history and domestic economy of the honey-bee, embracing a full illustration of the whole subject, with the most approved methods of managing this insect through every branch of its culture, the result of many years' experience. By T. B. Miner. Embellished by thirty-five engravings. 1850. Primera Parte PDF 11.499 Kb. Segunda Parte PDF 11.239 Kb.
William Augustus Munn. (1844). A description of the bar-and-frame hive. Libro Total PDF 4.419 Kb. John Van Voorst, London: 1844. pp: 52.
William Augustus Munn. (1851). A description of the bar-and-frame hive, invented by W. Augustus Munn. with an abstract of Wildman´s complete guide. Libro Total. PDF 835 Kb. Londres. 1851.
Alfred Neighbour. (1865). The apiary, or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture; being a familiar account of the habits of bees, ... Kent and Co., London: 1865. -
Thomas G. Newman. (1892). Bees and honey, or, The management of an apiary for pleasure and profit American bee journal, Chicago: 1892?. -
Thomas Nutt. (1832). Humanity to honey bees, or, Practical directions for the management of honey bees upon an improved and humane plan, by which the lives of bees may be preserved, and abundance of honey of a superior quality may be obtained. Libro Total. PDF 10.042 Kb. Printed by H. and J. Leach, for the author, Wisbech: 1832.
Phelps, E. W. (1858). Phelps' bee-keeper's chart: being a brief practical treatise on the instinct, habits and management of the honey-bee, in all its various branches. Libro Total. PDF 6.858 Kb. Part A. O. Moore, New York: 1858 c:1853
Quinby, M. (1853). Mysteries of bee-keeping explained; being a complete analysis of the whole subject. C. M. Saxton & Co., New York : 1853. Primera Parte. PDF 10.808 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 10.692 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 9.223 Kb. Cuarta Parte. PDF 3.799 Kb.
Anónimo. (1840?). The loss, the recovery: and other stories. Libro Total. PDF 6.625 Kb. (ca. 1840?). Historia de abejas. pp: 12 a 17. Editores Troy, N.Y.: Merriam and Moore.
Root, A. I. (1879). The A B C of bee culture; a cyclopædia of everything pertaining to the care. A.I. Root, Medina, Ohio: 1879. Primera Parte. PDF 21.961 Kb. Segunda Parte. PDF 22.866 Kb. Tercera Parte. PDF 22.809 Kb.
Wolf, C. W. (1858). Apis mellifica; or, the poison of the honey bee, considered as a therapeutic agent. By C. W. Wolf, M.D. Publication date: 1858. Libro Total. PDF 5.446 Kb.
Storke, Elliot G. Title. (1859). Domestic and rural affairs. The family, farm and gardens, and the domestic animals. From the latest and best authorities. Ed. by E. G. Storke. Publication date: 1859. Libro Total. PDF 4.161 Kb.
Packard, A. S. (1873). Our common insects. A popular account of the insects of our fields, forests, gardens and houses. Illustrated with 4 plates and 268 woodcuts. By A.S. Packard, Jr. Publication date: 1873. Capítulo referido abejas. PDF 2.993 Kb.
Benedict Jaeger, asistido por Henry C. Preston. (1859). The Life of North American Insects. New York. Harper & Brothers Publishers 1859. pp: 1-324. Dividido en 7 Capítulos. Capítulo 1. PDF 33.474 Kb. (Coleoptera). Capítulo 2. PDF 14.137 Kb. (Hemíptera). Capítulo 3. PDF 13.537 Kb. (Orthoptera). Capítulo 4. PDF 54.030 Kb. (Lepidoptera). Capítulo 5. PDF 11.688 Kb. (Neuróptera). Capítulo 6. PDF 24.084 Kb. (Hymenoptera). Capítulo 7. PDF 9.437 Kb. (Diptera). Ver Capítulo 6 sobre Himenópteros.
Benedict Jaeger, asistido por Henry C. Preston. (1859). Libro Total. PDF 7.526 Kb. Life of North American Insects. Ver desde página 256 a página 293, que trata sobre la abeja melífera.
Brother Adam, Breeding the Honeybee A Contribution to the Science of Beebreeding. Libro total. PDF 687 Kb. Northern Bee Books. Mytholmroyd: Hebden Bridge.
Cayo Plinio Segundo. Historia Natural (Naturalis Historia) de Plinio el Viejo. Libro Total PDF 2.224 Kb. Libro Total en Word Word 640 Kb. Historia natural consiste de 37 libros; reproducimos el Capitulo 11 que es la parte que trata de abejas de la versión en inglés de "Philemon Holland, translator (1601): C. Plinius Secundus The Historie of the World. Book XI. (Pages 310-356)" Capítulo 11 de la traducción Inglesa de 1601.
Cayo Plinio Segundo Historia Natural (Historia Naturalle) de Plinio el Viejo. Libro Total. PDF 5296 Kb. Traducción al Francés de 1848.
Samuel Bagster. (1834). The management of bees: With a description of the Ladies safety hive. Londres 1834. Libro Total PDF 8.571 Kb.
Dionysius Lardner. (1856). The bee and white ants, their manners and habits: with illustrations of animal instinct and intelligence: from The museum of science and art. PDF 29 Mb. London: Walton and Maberly. Libro Total PDF 5.998 Kb. El libro completo en Google Books
William Jardine, and James Duncan. (1859). Bees: Comprehending the uses and economical management of the honey-bee of Britain and other countries, together with the known wild species. Libro Total PDF 8.164 Kb. Edinburgh London, W.H. Lizars; Henry G. Bohn. 602 páginas.
William White, James Beesley. (1852). A complete guide to the mystery and management of bees. Libro Total. PDF 1.266 Kb. publicado 1852. Originally published in a larger, expanded and illustrated format without the practical monthly bee calendar: London: printed for the author and sold by Richardson and Urquhart, 1771.
Frederick Smith. (1853). Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum: part I-VII. Libro Total. PDF 21.305 Kb. Printed by order of the Trustees.
Gibbons Merle, John Reitch. (1842). The domestic dictionary and housekeeper's manual by G. Merle, the medical portion. Libro Total PDF 43.371 Kb. Londres. 1842.
Oliver Goldsmith. (1852). A History of the earth and animated nature. Libro Total. PDF 68.823 Kb. Volumen II. London. 1852.
Thomas James. (1852). The honey bee. Libro Total. PDF 3.216 Kb. London 1852. John Murray. Albemarle Street.
Henry Taylor. (1855). The bee-keeper's manual; or, Practical hints on the management of the honey-bee. Libro Total. PDF 4.720 Kb. First Edition. London. 1855.
William Bingley. (1803). Animal Biography, Or, Authentic Anecdotes of the Lives, Manners, and Economy, of the Animal. Libro Total. PDF 23.372 Kb. publicado 1803. Printed for R. Phillips.
Henri Milne-Edwards. (1855). Zoologie. Libro Total. PDF 19.002 Kb. publicado 1855. V. Masson [etc.]. 583 páginas.
Bernard Mandeville. (1806). The Fable of the Bees: or, private vices, publick benefits: with an essay on charity schools and the search into the nature society: also, a vindication of the book from the aspersions contained in a presentment of the grand jury of middlesex and an abusive letters to lord. Libro Total. PDF 27.957 Kb. London. 1806.
Charles Thomas Bingham. (1897). The Fauna the British India including Ceylon and Burma. Mecanoterapia Vol. II. Ant and Cuckoo Wasp. Libro Total Volumen II. PDF 42.787 Kb. London: Taylor and Francis; 1897.
Claude Morley, Charles Thomas Bingham. (1913). The Fauna the British India including Ceylon and Burma. Hymenoptera. Vol. III. Ichneumonidae. I. Ichneumones Deltoidei Libro Total Volumen III. PDF 49.097 Kb. London: Taylor and Francis; 1897.
John George Wood. (1889). Half hours with a naturalist: rambles near the shore. Libro Total. PDF 23.238 Kb. London: C. Burnet. Ver pagina 183 a 238.
Peter Parley. (1845). The birthday gift. Libro Total. PDF . London: Published for the author by Darton and Co., 58, Holborn Hill.
Carl Theodor Ernsts von Siebold. (1857). On a True Parthenogenesis in Moths and Bees: A Contribution to the History of Reproduction in animals. Libro Total. PDF 7.466 Kb. traducido por William Sweetland Dallas. publicado 1857. John Van Voorst.
Philip Henry Gosse. (1851). A text-book of zoology for schools. Libro Total. PDF 9.763 Kb. Londres.
Thomas Edward Dexter. (1857). Animal and vegetable substances used in the arts and manufactures, explanatory of Dexter's. Libro Total. PDF 426 Kb.
William Charles Cotton. (1843). My Bee Book. Libro Total. PDF 4.129 Kb. The Quarterly Review. 1843. Volumen LXXI. Páginas: 1-54. Publicado por J. Murray.
William Charles Cotton. (1848). A manual for New Zealand bee keepers. Libro Total. PDF 3.012 Kb. Publicado 1848. Páginas 1-112. Publicado por B. Stokes.
Martin Doyle. (1857). Rural economy for cottage farmers, and gardeners. Libro Total. PDF 10.131 Kb Beekeeping. Six Edition. London.
Andrew Wynter. (1861). Our social bees: or, Pictures of town & country life, and other papers. London: R. Hardwicke. Libro Total. PDF 35.018 KB.
W. Simpkin. (1822). The monarchy of the bees; a poem. Illustrated with notes, exhibiting some of the most remarkable circumstances in the history of that little insect. London, Printed for W. Simpkin & Marshall. Libro Total. PDF 13.965 Kb.
William Hetherington Harris. (1884). The honey-bee; its nature, homes and products. Libro Total PDF 27 Mb. London, Religious Tract Society.
Dionysius Lardner. (1856). The bee and white ants, their manners and habits: with illustrations of animal instinct and intelligence: from The museum of science and art. PDF 29 Mb. London: Walton and Maberly.
Frankly. (1816). The history of Frugal, the wild bee. Libro Total PDF 7.4 Mb. London: Whittingham and Arliss. Libro de Historia Buffon, Virgilio, etc.
Edward Scudamore. (1848). Artificial swarms. A treatise on the production of early swarms of bees by artificial means. Libro Total. PDF 2.376 Kb. London: Logman, Brown, Green, & Lognmans.
Pliny, Henry Thomas Riley, John Bostock. (1855). The Natural History of Pliny. Publicado 1855. H. G. Bohn. Libro Total. PDF 36.267 Kb.
H. D. Richardson. (1847). The hive and the honey-bee; with plain directions for obtaining a considerable annual income from this branch of rural economy. To which is added, an account of the diseases of bees, with their remedies. Also, remarks as to their enemies, and the best mode of protecting the bees from their attacks. Libro Total. PDF 3.445 Kb. Dublin. James MºGlashan.
James Rennie. (1830). Insect Architecture. PDF 10.000. Publicado 1830 por C. Knight. 420 páginas.
Robert Golding. (1848). The shilling bee book. Containing the leading facts in the Natural History of Bees with directions for Bee management. London Longman & Brown and Co. Libro Total. PDF 2.000 Kb.
(1845). Autor Handbook. The hand book of the honey bee with Hints on Hives. Libro Total. PDF . H. G. Clarke and Co., 66, Old Bailey.
Hermann von Ihering. (1883). The social bees of Brazil and their Tupi names. Editorial: ; W. K. Morrison [N.p., n.d.]. Libro Total. PDF 8.905 Kb.
J. Dennler. Thomas William Cowan. (1889). Bees-wax: its economical uses and conversion into money. Kings Langley, Herts., J. Huckle. Libro Total. PDF 3.581 Kb.
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P. J. Chandler. (2006). How to buid a Top Bar Hive. Supplement to The Barefoot Beekeeper. pp:1-36. Libro Total. PDF 6.623 Kb. Como construir una Top Bar Hive.

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